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’Fundamentally wrong’: Josh Hawley’s hometown paper slams region’s GOP senators for voting to acquit Trump

Former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial ended on February 13 when he was acquitted on a charge of incitement to insurrection. One of the GOP senators who is quite proud of his “not guilty” vote is Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, and the Kansas City Star’s editorial board gives Hawley and other Republicans hell for their pro-Trump votes in a blistering editorial published on Valentine’s Day 2021.

“All four senators from our region — Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley of Missouri, Jerry Moran and Roger Marshall of Kansas — voted Saturday to acquit Donald Trump of the impeachment charge against him,” the Star’s editorial board notes. “Their votes were fundamentally wrong. Yet they were not a surprise: anyone who expected Hawley or Marshall to approach the impeachment with an open mind was asking for disappointment.”

The Star’s editorial board continues, “Hawley’s mind is permanently closed, open only in the service of his ambition. He will say or do anything to further his prospects, whether it’s the White House or a bottle of wine from the top shelf. The man who raised his fist in support of the mob that raided the Capitol on January 6 was never going to vote against his coconspirator in the Capitol riot.”

Hawley is a likely GOP presidential candidate for 2024, and he has made it abundantly clear that he is very much a Trump loyalist.

“Marshall, too, has just one thing in mind: Do whatever Hawley does,” the Star’s editorial board laments. “The junior senator from Kansas is quickly establishing his lapdog credentials in Washington, and Saturday was no exception. Asking Marshall to express an original opinion was always a bridge too far. The votes of Sens. Blunt and Moran, on the other hand, seem somehow more disturbing. Their long service gave us reason to hope both would put their country over their party. They failed the test.”

Source: ’Fundamentally wrong’: Josh Hawley’s hometown paper slams region’s GOP senators for voting to acquit Trump

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